Warning: there will be deliriously unhealthy food here. There will be wholesome, nurturing cooking here. There will most definitely be crazy ideas, harebrained schemes, and madness. Continue at your own peril, for one day you too may end up having 40 pints of pumpkin, cranberry sauce, apple butter, pickled green beans, and soup being canned at the same time at 2am, wishing desperately you were asleep instead.

As for myself, I’m your typical food nerd. I’ve gone from eating top ramen in college and not knowing anything about cooking to regularly making my own chicken stock over the last 15 years, primarily through a whole lot of screwing up and learning from my mistakes. My goal is to eat as little processed food as I can, shop locally as much as I can, live a balanced life, and not forget that life is meant to be enjoyed.